PilotSystem - Desktop


This application provides the user with bloat free flight time and regulation legality tracking. Regulation tracking is based on the times entered into the phone application (many features planned or testing) that is located on the Windows Phone MarketplaceTM.

Through wireless/wired syncing methods will be setup on your computer allowing you to keep a record of your times on your local computer as well as the phone, or only keep a record of totals on your phone, and completed flights on your desktop (laptop).

Settings will allow you to set these options.


  • Detailed flight records
  • Detailed reports for print and safe keeping outside of your home (safety deposit box).
  • Schedule Processing - Couple of Airlines to start, many to follow as I get samples of schedules to process
  • Schedule processing yields the biggie, wireless (or wired, your choice) schedule sync to Windows Phone App.
  • Aircraft management
  • Certificate Management with reminders.
  • Airport management (part of the sync process, for night time calculation in relation to location, e.g. 1 hour after sunset -> 1hour before sunrise) note: this could be incorporated into phone before it makes into the desktop

Screen Shots

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