Pilot System - Mobile


This application provides the Airline pilot the ability record his/her flight times, OOOI times (out, off, on, in; per ACARS if equipped). These times help keep track of his/her times in accordance with FAR duty time / flight time regulations, these times should be nearly as accurate as to what is stored by your company. It also provides you an exact record of what was on the screen (if applicable), for pay claim fights :).

Through wireless/wired syncing methods will be setup on your computer allowing you to keep a record of your times on your local computer as well as the phone, or only keep a record of totals on your phone, and completed flights on your desktop (laptop).

Settings will allow you to set: how you want times stored (UTC, LOCAL, MTN, EST, etc), Sync host, run under lock screen, many others.


  • Completed flight records
  • Unique Interface - due to Windows Phone sleek interface
  • Schedules
  • Scheduled Flights - linked to schedules
  • Crewmember / Hotel information, part of the sync process
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Type Management
  • Airport Management (part of the sync process, for night time calculation in relation to location, e.g. 1 hour after sunset -> 1hour before sunrise) note: this could be incorporated into phone soon
  • Over/Unders indication based on block time
  • Many other features..

Screen Shots

To follow soon